What are Fastweb Scholarships? Paying for college is not easy. It's not cheap either. Unless you're able to land a full ride somewhere or are lucky enough to have parents who can afford to pay, this is money that will need to come out of student loans. Ideally, you'll take out as few student loans as possible as this is just money that will accumulate interest and force you to pay more. There are ways to help cut down on the expense of your college experience, though. With the help of scholarships you can slash the out-of-pocket expenses you'll face. It's best to apply for financial aid and scholarships through the school you've enrolled in and through your state of residence. Different educational institutions and state governments will probably provide some financial help. 

To help make up the rest, you must look for external scholarship options. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of other scholarships out there, you just need to apply for the scholarships that best fit you as a student. Naturally, you won't qualify for all of these scholarships, but there is an easier way to find those you do, and that is through the help of Fastweb scholarships. With the aid of Fastweb scholarships you may end up chipping away hundreds if not tens of thousands of dollars from your education bill.

What Are Fastweb Scholarships?

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There are tens of thousands of locations, businesses and organizations that offer scholarships around the country. However, it's often difficult to find these different scholarships. Aside from asking your place of employment whether they offer scholarships, trying to track down these financial opportunities around the country is time-consuming and nearly impossible. Previously, in order to find scholarships you would need to purchase a large book on what was available around the country. Those books were helpful (and updated annually), but you'd need to scan over every scholarship in a book with several thousand pages. That alone would take far too long to do. This is where Fastweb comes into play.

Scholarships For Everyone

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Fastweb is a website that provides you with instant access to over 1.5 million scholarships. You will not qualify for all 1.5 million. In fact, you'll likely only qualify for a handful. However, even if you only qualify for 15 out of 1.5 million, that's still a potentially sizeable amount of money you can receive to help pay for school, which in the end will go a long way toward cutting down your college expenses (and the amount of money you need to take out through student loans).

Fastweb does not actually award the scholarships, but instead works like a search engine. You will create a profile and fill out specific information. From there, Fastweb will look over the different scholarships available and connect you with those you qualify for.

Once you find the different Fastweb scholarships you qualify for, it is up to you to apply for each individually. This will help you locate the right scholarships for who you are. There are many qualifications for different scholarships, and some have nothing to do with your grades, so you can be an average student and still land a few scholarships. It doesn't matter how well you did in school, if you struggled with certain classes or if you had a perfect attendance record and took part in every kind of club or school activity possible. There will always be scholarship options available. Fastweb is here to help you find the ones that work for you.

Fastweb Site Offerings


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The beauty of Fastweb scholarships is there are options for everyone out there. While you will have more available if you had excellent grades, there are financial opportunities on the website based on your personal demographics (where you come from, your ethnicity, where your parents came from, if they were in the military, and so on). There are even scholarships available based on what you like to do. So maybe you like to draw or you enjoy reading classic novels. There really is something for everyone on Fastweb. It is the ultimate destination for all things scholarships.

How It Works

To begin looking for Fastweb scholarships you must head over to the fastweb.com website. Once there you'll find a large "Start Your Search" option in the middle of the screen. This will launch the profile creation screen.

Creating Your Profile


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Creating a profile is quick and easy. It doesn't cost anything so you can create a profile without paying any money. You do need to provide as much information as possible. First, you must include your basics, such as name, address, birthdate and other contact information. You'll then need to include your academic history from high school. This will include your grade point average, where you attended high school and any sports or clubs you were part of. If you played football your freshman year but switched to soccer the following years, make sure to keep all of this information in. Add in any kind of club information or anything else when requested.

After you create the basic profile information, you'll need to go deeper into your personal background (such as ethnic and gender information). This is very important for you to include both. While you do not need to, you will find more scholarships that are customized for you. There are several scholarships available if you are female, or if you are part of a minority group. If you are a first generation American citizen, or if there are other specifics based on your citizenship, you'll find added scholarships. You'll also find a section where it includes parental background information. If your parents were in the military, you'll have several scholarships you can apply for. If you are part Native American there are other scholarships available. All of this is critical and the more specific you are with what you fill in, the more accurate your results.

Lastly, you'll want to include the kind of jobs you've held before. You might find that your place of business offers some kind of scholarship. Fill out everything in full and with as much detail as possible. Also, don't fabricate anything. It is important to be as truthful as possible. This is because if you do pre-qualify for a scholarship you don't want to eventually apply for a Fastweb scholarship, receive it, then have it taken away when the company looks further into your background.

Applying For Scholarships


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After you've completed your profile Fastweb will scan over the 1.5 million scholarships it has listed on the website. It will then show you all the scholarships you qualify for with individual links. You can select each scholarship to see what you need to do to qualify further for the scholarship. With some you'll simply provide your basic information and submit an application. These are straightforward and easy to do. However, other scholarships require you to provide more information.

Oftentimes, for the secondary scholarships, you'll need to write an essay. This essay will vary from one scholarship offering to the next, so make sure you pay close attention to what you're applying for and what the requirements are. Following the scholarship details specifically is critical to not only qualifying, but being awarded the financial help.

There will be other scholarships that want to see you be creative. For example, Duck Tape, the commercial brand of adhesive tape, provides a scholarship to individuals who create the best-looking prom dresses and tuxes out of duct tape. This is more unusual when compared to the other scholarships, but it is something to keep in mind as you can have fun with these different applications.

Once you have finished the application, you'll submit the information. If the scholarship runs specifically through Fastweb, the website will track the scholarship application through your profile and tell you whether you've been awarded the scholarship or not. With others you'll need to check the scholarship's specific website routinely (or check your email for updates). Just follow the instructions for each scholarship.

Check Back Often


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Scholarships are constantly popping up on Fastweb. You'll want to check out the different Fastweb scholarships from time to time to see what new options have come up. This will help you stay on top of any new scholarship opportunities made available to you. Plus, if you created your Fastweb profile early enough (such as in your junior year of high school), you may qualify for additional scholarships a second time, for which you can apply for again. You'll also need to apply for different scholarships as you progress through college, to keep the scholarship money coming in.


 Getting a higher education is critical, especially if you have a passion for a certain line of work. With that said, paying for college is also difficult. With the help of Fastweb scholarships, you'll come across an assortment of different scholarship opportunities. The service will connect you with which options you qualify for. From there, it's up to you to apply for those you're interested in. 

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