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Many universities and college students need loans to pay for their education. Even though federal loans are the most affordable, they tend not to be the complete solution for many students as they have limits to how much you can borrow per year. Bremer Bank student loan is ideal as it covers the void left for paying school expenses.

What Is Bremer Bank?

If you are a first-time college student, or you are about to finish your studies, applying for financial help is now easier than you may think. In this post, we'll help you learn more about Bremer Bank, its student loan options, and the requirements.

This is a privately owned regional financial corporation owned by the Otto Bremer Trust and employees. It has branches in Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota with a unique business model within the banking industry.

The bank's suite of loan products and services are ideal for parents and students shopping around for student loans and financial options. Its headquarters is in St. Paul, Minnesota, and offers a wide range of banking, investment, insurance, trust, and management products and services

This becomes tricky for international students but the bank has a mechanism in place for a workaround, for example, having a legal US citizen or legal resident to consign for you to increase the chances for eligibility.

Bremer Bank Student Loans

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Alternative Loans

Long-Term Loans

Perkins Loans

Stafford Loans

Plus Loans

Consolidated Loans

Bremer Bank Student Loan Requirements

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For the bank to approve your application for a student loan, it needs information from the applicant. The list of information required for a private student loan includes:

  • Driver's license number
  • The name of the college  
  • The details of the gross monthly income and the most recent pay slip
  • Social security number or alien ID/details for permanent residence
  • Monthly rent or mortgage repayment where applicable
  • Name of employer, phone number and length of employment
  • Expected date of graduation
  • Amount of loan requested
  • The loan period for which the student has requested money e.g. a whole academic year or a single semester
  • Consigner name and valid email address
  • The name, phone, and address of the student's reference who must not be the consigner

The co-signer is a person who will repay the loan if the student cannot pay. The bank also may require some additional documentation to verify the above details provided. Once the bank approves the application, the student signs a promissory note which details every aspect of the student loan applied.

Once you have signed the documents and accepted the loan, Bremer Bank sends the money directly to the college. For extra funds for personal expense, the institution advises the student to check with their financial aid office at their school for further information.

Is There A Need For Bremer Bank Student Loans?

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Knowledge Is Power

Student Loan As An Aid

Students With One Semester Left

Repayments Benefits

Lack Of An Income

How To Qualify For Bremer Bank Student Loans?

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Enroll First In An Institution Of Higher Learning

The School Must Be Recognized

You Must Meet Age, Citizenship Or Permanent Residency Status Requirements

The Loan Must Be For Educational Purposes

You Must Meet The Bank’s Income And Credit Criteria

You Need A Creditworthy Cosigner To Apply For Bremer Student Loan


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By meeting all the above requirements, one becomes eligible for the Bank’s student loan at a good interest rate within the market. Look carefully to what the institution offers by checking at their website for student loans.

They offer multiple services that include savings plan, personal banking, online banking, investments, and many more. The bank’s website also gives information pertaining to students looking for loans including other probable funding options and student loan checklist.

Several calculators and tools are available that will help in calculating the student loan interest and repayments periods including information about all other aspects of banking and management of money. If you require more information about how to apply for a student loan, contact one of the Bremer Bank loan specialists who are always ready to speak directly over the phone.

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