Scholarships, such as Chegg scholarships, are a very important part of financing higher education. Chegg began as an online textbook store, but in 2011 purchased Zinch, a scholarship matching service. Chegg now hosts over $1 billion in scholarships, including some of their own. 

At any given time, you can expect to see over 25,000 scholarships available to apply for. You will not qualify for all of them, but you will qualify for many of them. Register a free account with them, fill out the simple profile, and get recommendations for scholarships you qualify for sent directly to you, and many of which you may have never seen. There is a great need for scholarships, including those Chegg scholarships and others offered through their site.

What Are Chegg Scholarships?

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Chegg scholarships are scholarships hosted by the famous online textbook rental company which specializes in internship matching, scholarships, online tutoring, and homework help. Award amounts vary, but they generally range from $500 to $12,500. Chegg advertises several third-party scholarships such as the Coca-Cola Scholars Program, but they also provide their own scholarships. 

For example, Chegg offers a monthly scholarship challenge where legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia are eligible to apply. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age and be currently enrolled in high school or an accredited college or university in the United States as listed on the U.S. Department of Education's website. Scholarships are not paid to schools outside of the United States. Simply register an account with Chegg and answer the question of the month. Each month is a different contest with a different question, each worth $1,000 to the winner. 

Is There a Need for Chegg Scholarships?

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There is a strong need for Chegg scholarships. The interface is simple, and it features top scholarships each week to apply for, for which you may qualify but might have missed otherwise. There is a mandatory sign-up process, but it is well worth it. It is free to apply, and once you have your account set up, Chegg will give you personalized scholarship matches based on your profile, so you save time searching for scholarships that you apply for, and you can save scholarships to apply for easily later on. 

If you have one reference who you want to write you several letters of recommendation for various scholarships, this is a very convenient feature. There may be five awards available each worth $1,500, or there may be $5,000 in scholarships to be split amongst all the winners. 

Benefits of Scholarships

There are several benefits to scholarships. The first is recognition. There are many well-recognized scholarships with thousands of applicants. If you write the best essay and have the best recommendations for a prestigious scholarship among thousands of competitors, you can use that to apply to grad school or jobs out of college if you need a boost to your resume. The recognition from the scholarship host's review board also gives you the self-confidence to more aggressively pursue your dreams.

Merit-based scholarships, such as for academics, athletics or performing arts allows you to stand out among your peers. If you receive a free ride to Harvard or Yale on a crew scholarship, and you want to be a rowing coach out of college, you can put your recognized athletic success on your resume. Again, this recognition and knowing you out-perform your peers will give you the confidence and motivation to challenge yourself and achieve greater things.

Scholarships can help you get into a prestigious university. Some universities have very low acceptance rates, so glowing letters of recommendation and high school or college transcripts may not be enough. Scholarships show you are distinguished and have been recognized for some achievement. Merit scholarships, in particular, indicate you are a capable student and will work hard to be a great addition to the school, contributing positively to the student body.

Scholarships help your resume stand out among hundreds or thousands applying to Fortune 100 internships in their junior or senior year. Particularly, paid internships are very difficult to get into. Many of the largest companies recruit all over the country for internship positions in just a few select cities. A few good scholarships on your resume may be enough to get you a phone or Skype interview with your future employer.

Perhaps, most importantly, there are some students without support from their parents who cannot afford to take out student loans. Scholarships are their only chance to supplement their savings to help finance their education. This is particularly helpful to children who are not emancipated, but whose parents make too much for them to qualify for federal assistance. If you have a full ride due to an academic or athletic scholarship and you earn other scholarships, you can spend this money to pay your rent or put food on your table. Scholarship money is not exclusively to cover the cost of tuition.

Earning your first scholarship may motivate you to perform better in school. There may be a stipulation attached that you have to pay the money back if you do not maintain a certain GPA. If you have already received financial assistance through scholarships or other sources to cover your tuition, you can use your scholarship money to pay for your living expenses rather than washing dishes 40 hours a week on top of a full class load.

This affords you the opportunity to seek unpaid internships related to your career in your freshman and sophomore year, so you can get paid summer internships and prestigious internships or jobs in your career field in your junior and senior year. You also have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities which may gain you further financially significant scholarships.

Information on Chegg Scholarships for International Students

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There are several Chegg scholarships available for international students. One such scholarship, provided by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation, actually offers two scholarships for up to $5,000 to full-time international students. Doctoral programs need not be accredited, but Master's degree candidates need to be in a program accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation for Audiology and Speech Pathology. 

To apply, all that is required are transcripts, an essay, and a reference form. The purpose of this scholarship is to support international students in communication sciences and disorders.

Available Scholarships

There are currently 60 scholarships provided by Chegg which do not expire until 2019 or 2020. Some scholarships are advertised with an award amount of at least $5,000. Some state up to $1,000. Others, such as the Service Employees International Union Scholarships, provide a range between $1,000 and $1,500.

Another example of international scholarships is the AACE (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering) competitive scholarships, with several awards up to $2,500 to women in aviation. For some scholarships, you must be the child of a parent in a certain career or attend an accredited college or university to apply. Scholarships hosted on Chegg may be provided by the company itself, colleges, universities, states and more.

Benefits for International Students

For international students, it may be more important to receive scholarships before coming to the United States. Sometimes, you may not be allowed to leave your country for the United States until you can prove you have the means to pay for your entire period of study. If you get into a college or university, do not forget to talk to their financial resources center about need-related and academic scholarships as well as state or federal grants.


Chegg was an online textbook rental giant, but in 2011 they began hosting scholarships. Now, they provide everything from internships to college students to online tutoring and homework help. Each month, there are over 25,000 scholarships to apply for on Chegg. You must register a free account with them which requires basic information, but it is well worth it. Once you have an account, Chegg will send you scholarships you qualify for which you may have otherwise missed. Furthermore, you can save scholarships to apply for later. 

Scholarship award amounts vary and there may be several awards available for each scholarship. Either there is a pool that the earnings are split from, or each contest winner earns the same scholarship amount. Some scholarship contests are held monthly or annually in perpetuity. Award amounts vary, but you can usually expect to earn between $500 and $12,500 per scholarship. 

There are many benefits to scholarships. They provide financial support to those who cannot afford student loans or do not qualify or have used all of their available financial aid. They help them stand out to selective universities and prospective employers, improving their resume, and giving them the confidence to reach for loftier goals.

Scholarships are particularly important to international students. There are currently Chegg scholarships for international students worth $5,000 to full-time international students. The United States consulate in certain countries will not offer visas to prospective students until they can prove they have the financial means to fully fund their stay in the United States, including tuition and room and board. If you are an international student looking to study abroad in the United States, you should also speak to your college or university's financial services office to learn about need-related and academic scholarships. 

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